My work is primarily place-based. When painting from observation or working from photos and memories, my paintings reflect what I see and how a place feels. At times my paintings depict the seen world and other times I walk a purely intuitive path. 


Shawn Demarest received a BFA from the University of Colorado with a focus on printmaking and painting, a BA in Mathematics, and a scholarship to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art's program in Lacost, France. Later studies led to an MA in Architecture. Demarest is the recipient of RACC (Regional Arts and Culture Council) Individual Project Grants and a Professional Development Grant. She was awarded residencies to Playa Summer Lake, Mojave Natural Preserve, The University Club of Portland, and The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation. Demarest has multi-panel installations in Portland's Rivereast Building and the library of Portland Community College. She has individual paintings in RACC's Portable Works Collection, Oregon Health and ScienceUniversity (OHSU), Touchmark West Hills, and Gladys McCoy Health Department Headquarters.

Shawn Demarest is represented by the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) Gallery in Seattle, WA.

In 2020 she moved from Portland, OR to El Rito, NM. 


2019 Visual Art Source review: Richard Speer