Painting Purchase Info

Waterstone Gallery

SAM Gallery


The best way to purchase a painting you love before it is sold, is to sign up for my emails and follow me on Instagram. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


SAM Gallery exhibits work of NW artists and is located within the Seattle Art Museum. SAM Gallery rents artwork to museum members and sells to the public. Calling or emailing the gallery is the best way to find out what work I have available and to put a 'hold' on pieces when they return from being rented. My next exhibit is August - November 2019. - 206.343.1101


Waterstone Gallery is located in the Pearl District of Portland, OR. Find a few pieces of mine on display every month, as well as additional work on storage shelves. You can either call or visit to find out exactly what they have. My next solo exhibit is September, 2020 - 503.226.6196


Prints - I will make limited edition prints available again in January 2020.